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In the period of the rise of Indian democracy, the fire of communal fanaticism and increasing unethical values, the Anuvrat Samiti was formed in April, 1950 in order to align the work of the atomic movement that was organized by the movement of atomic movement, Acharya Tulsi. In its establishment, S / Shri Jaichandlal Daftari, Devendrakumar Karnatak Suganchand Anchalia, Mohanlal Kadotia, Hanumtal Surana, Paras Bhai Jain and Dr. Mulchand Sethia became the Yogic, who was the founder of the Anuvrat Committee.

The main purpose of the formation of the Anuvrat Samiti was to make people-building and societies according to the Anuvrat philosophy, the efforts of non-violent society structure and the appropriate promotion. To mobilize the Anuvrat movement through prasar and other expected means. The Anuvrat movement raised voice against human rights by raising voice against narrow views of racism, provincialism, languageism, apartheid, gender discrimination, untouchability etc.